If you would like your project to be considered by TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY to receive “bonus points” or priority consideration as part of qualifying Federal grant and/or technical assistance programs, please complete the  TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY Request for PSS Certification Form.

Responses will be returned within 10 business days of receipt of the form.  Please plan accordingly to ensure at least 10 business days for review and approval of PSS certification requests prior to your grant application submission date.

All requests for PSS certification will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  1. Applicant’s proposed activities further one or more of the TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY regional planning grant goals.
  2. Applicant’s proposed activities are consistent with the Federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities six Livability Principles.
  3. Applicant is committed to maintaining an ongoing relationship with TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY by sharing information and participating as appropriate in committees, meetings, forums, and other TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY activities and share information about TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY with their initiative stakeholders.  In this regard, all applicants requesting PSS are encouraged to join TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY by signing a MOU.

Information on TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY membership and a copy of the MOU can be found here.

The PSS Application form can be downloaded here.