The Vision: An efficient North Jersey makes the most of past investments. Residents and businesses use energy, water and natural resources wisely. A convenient, safe, reliable and energy-efficient transportation system connects people with the places they need to go. Growth happens in places that already have infrastructure, conserving open space and reducing the costs of public services.

The Strategies:  The Strategies listed below will help our region work towards a more efficient future:

Focus Area 5:  Locate most new housing and commercial development in places with existing and planned infrastructure.

  • Strategy 5.1: Promote transit-oriented development
  • Strategy 5.2: Encourage infill and redevelopment on existing vacant and underutilized properties
  • Strategy 5.3: Prioritize brownfields for redevelopment
  • Strategy 5.4: Expand the use of innovative planning tools that promote smart development

Focus Area 7: Connect people and places with safe, convenient and reliable transportation.

  • Strategy 7.1: Maintain transportation infrastructure in a state of good repair
  • Strategy 7.2: Adopt and implement “Complete Streets” policies
  • Strategy 7.3: Improve conditions and service at “Transit Hub” locations
  • Strategy 7.4: Enhance and improve existing public and private transit services
  • Strategy 7.5: Increase transit system capacity in strategic locations
  • Strategy 7.6: Use New Jersey’s State Highway Safety Plan and NJ TRANSIT Safety Programs to improve transportation safety
  • Strategy 7.7: Use technology to improve transportation operations

Focus Area 11:  Transition to a clean energy economy

  • Strategy 11.1: Reduce energy use through conservation and increased efficiency
  • Strategy 11.2: Transition to carbon-free electricity generation, including increased use of renewables
  • Strategy 11.3: Modernize and upgrade the region’s power infrastructure
  • Strategy 11.4: Reduce transportation petroleum use

The Task Force:   The Efficient Task Force meets quarterly to discuss progress on implementing these strategies and make suggestions for training and technical assistance pertaining to the topics under the Efficient Theme.  The Task Force is chaired by Ann Brady (Executive Director of PlanSmart NJ) and Courtenay Mercer (President, Mercer Consulting).  Download the Task Forces Overview for more information.

Summaries and other materials from the Efficient Task Force meetings are available below:

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