As part of the process to develop a Regional Plan for Sustainable Development (RPSD), Together North Jersey prepared a Regional Fair Housing and Equity Assessment Report (FHEA) and and FHEA On-line Data Portal.  While the FHEA report provided an in-depth analysis of “Communities of Concern”, the On-line Portal is a living tool for planners, government agencies, NGOs and the public that provides a common shared data and factual framework for the indicators used in the FHEA.

This on-line portal is designed to support public involvement planning, project scoping and prioritization, program evaluation, social impact assessment and Environmental Justice assessments.  The portal allows users to create community profiles that include data on socioeconomic patterns of planned and recent infrastructure investments being undertaken by federal, state, regional and local agencies. It can also be used to explore fair housing issues, services, and activities as well as the regulatory and private market barriers to fair housing choice that may contribute to existing socioeconomic patterns.

The FHEA Online Portal can be accessed HERE.

It is highly recommended that portal users download and reference the Online Portal Users Guide in order to effectively use and navigate the tool’s functions.

The FHEA report and the on-line portal were prepared in advance of the final rulemaking by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) of its Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Regulations. Local governments and States that receive Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) and other HUD-funded grants as well as public housing agencies (PHAs) must affirmatively further the purposes of the Fair Housing Act. In order to do a better job of this, and to address issues raised by the Government Accountability Office, HUD has proposed new regulations to address impediments to fair housing.  In so doing, HUD expects to provide program participants with guidance, data, and an assessment template – similar to what is available in this on-line portal.