The following Action Plans provides detailed strategies and specific actions for each of the Together North Jersey Focus Areas.  These Action plan coverdocuments will serve as a technical guide for implementing the recommendations of The Plan and are are intended to be living documents, being revised and updated as Together North Jersey works with various partners on implementing recommendations in The Plan.

Focus Area 1: Create and maintain well-paying jobs by supporting growth in our regions key industries

Focus Area 2: Enhance North Jersey’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem

Focus Area 3: Strengthen the region’s economy by building on existing assets and infrastructure

Focus Area 4: Align workforce training with industry needs.

Focus Area 5: Locate new housing and commercial development in places with existing infrastructure.

Focus Area 6: Create vibrant places and neighborhoods that will attract and retain residents, workers and visitors.

Focus Area 7: Connect people and places will safe, convenient and reliable transportation.

Focus Area 8A: Expand and diversify the region’s housing supply to meet current and future demand.

Focus Area 8B: Address barriers to housing mobility, increase access to areas of high opportunity and affirmatively further fair-housing policies region wide.

Focus Area 9: Create a system of public education that prepares all students for the 21st century economy.

Focus Area 10: Enhance the resiliency of the region’s communities and infrastructure.

Focus Area 11: Transition to a clean energy economy.

Focus Area 12: Improve health outcomes for our region’s residents.

Focus Area 13: Improve stewardship of natural lands, agricultural lands, open space, parks and historic resources.

Focus Area 14: Manage water systems to improve water quality and supply.

Focus Area 15: Revitalize and strengthen communities by arts and cultural opportunities.