TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY hosted a day-long workshop on March 18, 2013 to introduce the concept of HIAPs and train participants in approaches to HIAP, leaving them with the tools they need to undertake a HIAP approach in “non-health” decision-making. 

HIAP is an approach to policy development that builds consideration of public health impacts into decision-making in “non-health” policy areas such as transportation, housing, environment, energy and economic development.   The choices made by “non-health” decision-makers, whether at the state or local level or whether in the public or private sector, have tangible impacts on the public health of citizens. HIAP convened diverse partners from various policy areas to consider how their decisions influence health and what opportunities are available to adjust decision-making to yield positive health outcomes.

This workshop was developed in partnership with state and federal agencies and others and served as an important educational and training opportunity for local public health officers in New Jersey.  Additionally, the workshop assisted with building capacity into the TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY deliberative process to foster consideration of health impacts into development of the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development.

The participants for this workshop included members of the standing committees of the TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY initiative, local public health officers in New Jersey and other interested individuals and organizations.

The focus of the workshop included:

  • Educating participants on the concepts of HIAP and the value in taking a HIAP approach;
  • Inspiring participants to adopt a HIAP approach by better understanding the value of HIAP;
  • Empowering participants to recognize HIAP as an approach that is attainable by providing them with examples and case studies of successful HIAP efforts in areas such as housing, land use, transportation, energy, etc.;
  • Building capacity to apply tangible HIAP approaches in their day-to-day decision-making.

The workshop was held on March 18, 2013 at the Cook Campus Center at Rutgers University.

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Download Speaker Presentations:
CASTRO – Ciclovia in New Brunswick
GREINER – Zoning
MEEHAN – Nashville MPO
NEARON – Shaping NJ
POLLACK – Health Impact Project
ROUND- Mass Dept of Health/DOT

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