The first Together North Jersey Plan was released in November 2015.

The publication follows three years of extensive planning activities by a coalition of nearly 100 diverse partners. The planning process informing the plan included a Discovery Phase, a Visioning Phase, and an Action Planning Phase, all of which were informed by extensive public outreach activities held in diverse settings throughout the region.


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Action Plans: These documents provide detailed strategies and specific actions, serving as a technical guide for implementing the Plan.   These action plans are intended to be living documents, being revised and updated as Together North Jersey works with various partners on implementing recommendations in the plan.

The Plan Outline

Where we are now

Describes our region’s Strengths and Assets as well as Issues and Challenges.

Where we want to go

Lay outs our region’s priority goals: grow a strong and inclusive regional economy, increase access to opportunity, protect the environment, and work together. It then outlines a vision for the region – competitive, livable, efficient, and resilient – based on the shared values and common interests uncovered in the Discovery Phase.

How we get there

Proposes strategies in 15 key Focus Areas developed by a broad coalition of leading experts, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. View the action plans for more detailed versions of these strategies, including specific short, medium, and long term actions.

Leading the way

Explains how TNJ has already got the ball rolling with dozens of local planning activities the coalition has organized and funded over the past three years. These activities both informed the Plan and demonstrated how diverse communities and municipalities facing common challenges can effectively collaborate to develop a shared vision and plan for a sustainable future.

Making it all happen

Proposes achieving the TNJ vision and achieving more with less by  aligning policies, fostering policy and planning innovation, taking action at the local level, and continuing to work together.


The public review period for The Plan took place from April 15, 2015 to May 15, 2015.  Click here to download the comments that were received. Together North Jersey made every effort to address all of these comments in the revised Plan.   This spreadsheet summarizes the comments received and provides a response and/or an explanation of how Together North Jersey incorporated a change based on the comment.  Please note that some of the comments we received were quite lengthy or were received multiple times, so this document provides a summary of comments, not each comment verbatim.  In addition, comments pertaining to typos and text edits (which were much appreciated!) are not included in this document.