Members of the Livability and Environment Committee at the Standing Committee kick-off in September 2012

TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY has three standing committees designed to help inform and steer key aspects of the plan development and implementation process:

These standing committees will play a central role in the regional visioning, scenario development and strategy identification processes. Each will have primary responsibilities for assessing conditions, defining goals and performance metrics, and identifying aggressive but realistic implementation strategies for the topic areas under their committee’s purview.

Participation on any of the standing committees will be voluntary and by invitation of the Consortium Executive Committee and will be open to any public jurisdiction, agency, or authority; non-governmental organization or private entity deemed appropriate by the Consortium Executive Committee.  In the event an invitee is not already a member of the Consortium, every effort will be made to encourage said entity to join the Consortium by signing a Consortium MOU.

If you are interested in joining a Standing Committee, please click here.

If you are already in a Standing Committee, and would like to register for the  February 14, 2014 meeting, please visit this page. Registration is required for this event.

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