1. Work to advance the HUD-DOT-EPA Federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities “livability” principles as they may be applied in the region and the project goals to be established as part of the planning process.
  2. Participate in TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY by sitting on one or more of the standing committees and/or partnership groups if invited to do so by the Executive Committee.
  3. Attend TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY’s annual meeting/conference and at least two additional learning events sponsored by TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY each year.
  4. Share plans, information and data if requested.
  5. Respond to an annual survey that will help track implementation activity and identify “success stories” as part of annual progress review process.
  6. Make a good faith effort to advance implementation of the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development, once developed, through the plans, policies, programs and investment decisions under their purview and within the constraints of available financial and other resources.
paterson, nj

A view of Paterson, NJ