New Jersey Bike Tour

New Jersey Bike Tour, Jersey City, NJ

  1. Opportunity to participate on one of the standing committees and/or partnership groups that will provide formal input into shaping the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development.
  2. Access to technical assistance in a variety of subject areas.
  3. Free or discounted registration to TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY’s annual meeting/conference, workshops, webinars and other learning events sponsored by TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY.
  4. Eligible to apply for Local Demonstration Project Program which includes approximately $2.5 million set-aside for implementation of locally-defined planning projects.
  5. NGO members are eligible to apply for “micro-grant” funding to support participation in the process to develop the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development.
  6. Eligible for “bonus points” and/or “preferred consideration” when applying for some Federal grant programs sponsored by HUD, USDOT, USEPA and other agencies.
  7. Priority access to expertise and assistance provided by Federal agencies.