Autumn Foliage in Duke Farms
Hillsborough, NJ

Joining TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY as a member is voluntary and open to any public jurisdiction, agency or authority; non-governmental organization; neighborhood association; community and faith-based organization; private business or company; or educational institution located in the region or serving the region. Together North Jersey members will:

  • Work together to create a comprehensive and balanced vision for the region’s future in which the economy, housing market, transportation and infrastructure systems advance and sustain a high quality of life for all the region’s residents and ensure the competitiveness of our businesses and industries without endangering natural resources.
  • Develop a plan that makes the region attractive to both public- and private-sector investment that encourages residential and business growth in areas that can support growth and choose to do so.

Eligible parties wishing to become a member of TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY may do so at any time by signing the Together North Jersey Memorandum of Understanding.

Resources for jurisdictions, agencies and organizations considering membership:

For more information see: