The TOGETHER NORTH JERSEY grant will result in three primary work products:

  1.  A Regional Plan for Sustainable Development (RPSD)that defines what “sustainable community development” means in the planning region and identifies ways to align existing plans, regulations, investments, and incentive programs at all levels of government to improve economic and environmental conditions while promoting resource efficiency in urban, suburban and rural communities throughout the region. The plan will address the twelve topics identified to the right.
  2. Up to 15 Local Demonstration Projects that advance local “on-the-ground” planning, demonstrate successful implementation of potential RPSD strategies and help to inform development of the RPSD. The projects will be competitively selected based on criteria defined with input from the Consortium Steering Committee.
  3. A program of technical assistance, training and education that includes: a) a “help desk” to connect residents, local officials, businesses and other interested parties with the expertise and resources they need to advance RPSD goals; b) a library of resources, including: model plans and ordinances, topical presentation materials, and tools to assist with local planning activities; c) a speakers bureau of experts available to make presentations at meetings and events on a variety of topics; and a program of training and education events offered throughout the three year grant period.  The program of technical assistance, training and education will be designed with input from Consortium members


Topics Included in the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development