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Overall Plan

Overall Plan

The Passaic Eastside Redevelopment Area Transit Oriented Development Strategy focuses on an area of approximately 95 acres west of the Passaic River.

In 2004, the City adopted the Eastside Redevelopment Plan for the area, but it has seen little development activity in the years since. A recent proposal by Pennrose for a key riverfront site has renewed interest from the development community in other parts of the Redevelopment Project. A good part of the interest is attributable to the proximity of primary rail and bus service. The focus of this project ise how to better connect the study area with the area’s key transit nodes in order to help bolster new investment in the area, better connect existing residents with major employment destinations, put the area on a more transit and pedestrian oriented footing, and ensure increased access to riverfront open space for not only new development but the existing upland neighborhood. Particular attention is paid to the recently updated City of Passaic master plan.


Access to jobs

Access to jobs

The purpose of this study will be to:

  • Define the current and potential future destinations for the residents of the study area as well as how the area serves as a destination for various sectors and transit riders.
  •  Establish a framework to guide future development and prioritize public investments and actions.
  • Improve pedestrian and bus linkages between the redevelopment area and the two train stations
  • Establish new overall development principles that will ensure access to the river
  • Review and revisit the existing Eastside Redevelopment Plan


Updated on January 28, 2015

Market Square rendering

Market Square rendering

The final report has been published and can be found at the top of this page.

A kick-off meeting was held on November 14th. A public open house was held on February 12th. A meeting with the Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce was held on the same day.

On Wednesday, April 9, 2014, the final public open house was held at the headquarters of a major local community-based organization, Mi Casa es Puebla, at 77 Third Street in the City of Passaic’s Eastside neighborhood from 5-7 pm.

First Street Trucks

First Street Trucks

Issues covered included transportation options in the Eastside, ideas for how to build on the cultural heritage of the Eastside, the potential for redevelopment and new employment opportunities, and how the Eastside can better connect to the Passaic River.

Passaic River

Passaic River

The next step was a “State Agency Walk, Talk and Act” tour in which state agencies such as the OPA, EDA, HMFA, DOT, DCA, and NJEIT were invited to visit Passaic’s Eastside to learn about the projects priorities and discuss how their respective agencies can support the proposed next steps.

If you didn’t attend, you can find a copy of the presentation given HERE (PDF). also put together a detailed write-up about the evening, and that can be found here.


  • 220 Passaic Street Associates
  • Mi Casa es Puebla
  • New Beginnings Cathedral
  • Pennrose
  • Passaic High School student representative


  • NJ Transit
  • EE&K, a Perkins Eastman Company
  • Fitzgerald and Halliday


November 2013 – January 2015

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