Sponsor: Ocean County

Supplemental Planning Activity: Long-Term Community Recovery Planning

Description of Project’s Supplemental Planning Activity: Ocean County recognizes the focus on recovery in the new National Disaster Recovery Framework and Presidential Policy Directive (PPD)-8, therefore it sees a Long Term Community Recovery Plan as an essential step in beginning to implement this vision in the county.

Long Term Community Recovery Planning (LTCR) is the process of establishing a community- based, post-disaster vision and identifying projects and project funding strategies best suited to achieve that vision, and employing a mechanism to implement those projects. Each community’s LTCR program is shaped by the community itself, the damage sustained, the issues identified, and the community’s post disaster vision for the future.

By initiating a Long Term Community Recovery Plan (LTCR) it is recognized that the community needs to organize and manage the recovery process as opposed to letting repairs and rebuilding occur without a cohesive, planned approach. The term “long term” refers to the need to re-establish a healthy, functioning community that will sustain itself over time.

Broadly speaking, the goal of this post disaster plan is to better understand the extent of damage, identify viable solutions and prioritize efforts that will maximize federal, state, and local resources. All disaster-impacted communities can benefit by engaging in disaster recovery planning and creating plans that are meaningful to multiple audiences, including State and Federal level agencies, and members of the community.

Description of Project Deliverables:
The product of the process, a Long-Term Community Recovery plan, provides a road map to community recovery, but the process employed to develop the plan can play a significant role in the community’s future through local partnerships and community consensus-building. The final product is a comprehensive plan for long term recovery.

A website has been set up in support of this project. Visit it via this link.

Concept Budget: $110,000 ($80,500 for Pre-Qualified Technical Assistance Contractor)

Local Point of Contact:
Anthony Agliata, P.P.,  Assistant Director
Ocean County Planning Board
Phone: 732.929.2054

TNJ Project Manager:
Eve Chamberlain
Principal Planner
North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority
Phone: (973) 639-8421

Possible State Agency Partners: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Hazard Mitigation Team, New Jersey Office of Policy Advocacy

Status:   Project Underway.

An update was posted about this project in March, you can read it here.