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Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair

Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair

Bloomfield Avenue Complete Corridor Plan is a collaborative effort to pursue the creation of design standards and recommendations for this nearly 4 mile long, multi-modal transportation corridor in Essex County. With aligned transportation planning and the development of consistent standards, these communities can begin to implement a unified Complete Streets policy. Each of the partners identified locations along the Bloomfield Avenue corridor that have pedestrian, bike, transit and auto-oriented circulation/mobility challenges and design impediments to study Complete Streets improvements.


This project proposes to:

  • Assess the area to identify transportation, pedestrian and bike access improvements that can improve the capacity of existing roads and the overall mobility of residents, stakeholders and patrons
  • Recommend roadway improvements that will create a healthy, enjoyable and safe environment using Complete Street guidelines
  • To develop a transit-friendly corridor that attracts economic investment on a regional scale


Updated August 8, 2014

On July 4, the project team held the Pine Street Neighborhood Focus Group. This was the last of  seven focus groups conducted for the project on June 4th at the 73 See Gallery in Montclair.  The session covered general input on the Complete Streets project and a more detailed discussion of walking bike, driving, and riding transit in the Bloomfield Avenue corridor.  Participants were also engaged in an interactive dot mapping exercise and got information on the Project’s on-line survey.

The project team also staffed an information table at the African American Heritage Parade and Festival in Montclair on June 7th.  This was the last of five community events/festivals that the project team attended for public input in the participating municipalities.

A Walk, Talk, and Act tour was held on June 26. The tour included a roundtable discussion with Steering Committee and invited guests about project partnering and funding. State agency attendees included representatives from NJDOT, NJTPA, NJDCA, NJOPA, NJ Business Action Center, NJ TRANSIT.

The tour was followed by an open house at Bloomfield College where the public viewed initial design recommendations prepared for Bloomfield Avenue. The Project Team presented their analysis of the Study Area and initial recommendations for mobility and safety improvements.  Participants visited various exhibits structured by topic.  The workshop allowed participants to inform the Project Team of their thoughts, concerns, and priorities for the Study Area.  A wide range of street design and traffic calming solutions were presented for several locations and people were able to give feedback for those design strategies. Computer stations were also available to allow participants to take the on-line survey at the workshop.

Beginning in mid-May, the project team conducted an online survey for users of Bloomfield Avenue to supply their input.


  • NJ Health Impact Collaborative
  • Looney Ricks Kiss
  • VHB
  • Nishuane Group
  • Essex County
  • North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority
  • Montclair Center Business Improvement District
  • Bloomfield Center Alliance
  • HOMECorp
  • New Jersey Bike & Walk Coalition
  • Partners for Health Foundation
  • Bike Walk Montclair
  • Montclair State University
  • Bloomfield College
A map of the project study area

A map of the project study area